NKCL Bio Group Inc. to open a course at Songwon University, Kwang-ju, Korea

2021.05.10 16:35 조회 4
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NKCL Bio Group, as the first in its industry, to open a course regarding NK Immune Cell and its cultivation, under the curriculum provided by Songwon University, Kwang-ju, Korea.

As the Advanced Regenerative Medicine Act passed the bill, the interest is growing in bio-industry, especially NK Immune Cell. NKCL has opened a new course to train ‘Immunity consultant’. The course comprises of various information regarding NK Immune Cells and it will be conducted in a manner that helps deeper understanding of the subject.

This course strictly adheres to the guidelines to prevent COVID 19. The classes are given through videoconferencing and various presentation to help student’s understanding. NKCL will introduce its core technology; NK Immune Cell Cultivation, and knowledges regarding immune system and how to enhance it.

As ‘Immune Consultant’, students will be qualified to deliver accurate information to the clients regarding immune system. The course covers various subjects like Havruta, a client-centered approach of the consultation, utilization of immune enhancing products, comparison of medical law and general law, introduction of hospice, cooking to enhance immunity, medical disputes, auto-immune diseases, and history of the immune cell cultivation technology. The curriculum also includes interview with real patients and visit to the business establishment. The course starts on October 15th and continues for 8 weeks until December 3rd.

20 students will be recruited and applicants can visit or call for enrollment. A registration form provided by the university should be filled and submitted. Enquires regarding the course can be made through The Continuing Education Center of Songwon University. More information about the course can be found at the university website.