NKCL launches premium deep sea drinking water, ‘NK Immune Water’

2021.05.10 16:33 조회 4


The interest in health and immunity is higher than ever, and the demand for a premium water grew as well. NKCL Bio group has launched a premium deep ocean drinking water rich in minerals. 

NKCL’s ‘NK Immune Water’ comes in two sizes; 500 ml and 350 ml. They can be easily consumed with NKCL’s powder mix products. 

Deep sea water originates from deep levels of the sea with a depth of over 200 meters. The location being far from solar radiation results in it having minimal to no bacteria activities. Less photosynthesis of plant planktons and consumption of nutrients, and organic decomposition have caused lots of beneficial nutrients like calcium and magnesium to remain in there. Only five countries in the world including Korea are producing the deep sea water.

The mineral content of a drinking water is determined by ‘hardness’ (mg/L). The higher the hardness of a water, the richer in minerals it is. Generally, the hardness of the common drinking water ranges in 10~20. However, NKCL’s NK Immune Water has the hardness of 200 so as to help facilitating our immune system.

According to the blood flow study conducted by National Food Research Institute in Japan, the blood of the test participant was found to flow more smoothly after drinking deep sea water. Other researchers also found that transfer of cancer was suppressed in the cells with deep sea water than in ordinary cells.

‘NK Immune Water’ has a composition that closely matches that of body fluid. Its mineral ratio (Mg:Ca:K – 3:1:1) provides ideal condition to deliver beneficial nutrients to the body. Also, its mineral content has increased 400 times higher than that of common drinking water.

NKCL Bio Group will continue its efforts to help people’s immune system through various products and projects.