Personalized Immune Care Platform, NKCL Bio Group

2022.12.13 15:07 조회 441


The prolonged COVID-19 has increased the importance of virus research worldwide. We have been affected by many viruses. Colds, which are now simply recognized, are also viruses. However, the perception of the virus is changing as we go through COVID-19, and the state's inability to play its role due to infectious diseases that have never been experienced has shocked everyone.

As such, research on viruses or diseases should continue, and facility investment and strengthening research talent are the same as tasks that the government should take the lead in. Studies are continuing to prepare for such viruses and diseases in Korea.

NKCL Bio Group is a company that has been recognized for its value as it enters the COVID-19 era. Let’s meet NKCL Bio Group, a bio company specializing in immune cell therapy, with Shin Dong-hwa, CEO of the group.


What kind of company is the NKCL Bio Group?

NKCL Bio Group is a bio-specialized company that aims to provide a personalized immune care platform service based on NK Cell with abundant clinical experience and know-how by studying its own cell culture technology and cell therapy over the past decade.

NK Cell is a natural killer cell, which is responsible for the most important immune system in our body, and its importance has begun to be recognized again as social interest in immune care has emerged due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The group's culture technology has a much higher cell culture yield than the existing culture technology, and has been making independent and unrivaled moves by establishing an automatic GMP culture system capable of mass production of NK Cell and researching NK cell therapy to lead the market.


About the main business

We are developing a variety of products for improving immunity and treating various diseases and anticancer drugs. But prevention is more important than treatment. As the average life expectancy of modern people increases, immunity is important to live a healthier and more energetic life in senior age.

Accordingly, NKCL has developed and released various products and services such as NK Immune Water (deep ocean water), NK Blue Bio Cream (functional cosmetics series), NK Cordycep Gold 300 (food contributing to immunity and anticancer effects), and NK Immune Bakery (immune bread) that can strengthen the immune system in daily life.

Among the various products introduced by the company, cosmetics have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial functions as well as regeneration by adding NK cell culture solutions, which help the elderly regenerate their skin and improve their troubles. In addition, it is effective in atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.

In addition, NKCL's own NK Cell culture technologies were registered as intellectual property rights, and the GMP automatic culture system with artificial intelligence found its own culture environment optimized for NK cell culture and increased its maximum production per day. In addition, it has the advantage of being able to block concerns about human errors and technology leaks.


Recently, the preclinical stage of RK-NKTM cell therapy has been completed, making progress in the immune care business. The RK-NKTM cell therapy preclinical trial conducted repeated toxicity and recovery experiments for six weeks at the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety's clinical trial certified institution for human-derived breast, lung, liver, and kidney cancer cell lines transplanted into nude mice. As a result, it was confirmed that NK immune cells activated by culturing with RK-NKTM Kit were secured to be non-toxic, and the possibility of being a treatment that can effectively control cancer cells was proved.

The company is attracting attention as a representative of Korean immune brands in response to the rapidly changing era, creating more than 300% of jobs compared to the previous year by expanding production facilities of the GMP automatic culture system in 2022, and expects to create more than 1,000% in 2023.


Lastly, if you have a goal please?

The company aims to enter the global market by developing differentiated products in these cell therapy products markets. To this end, it is establishing a close cooperative system with various universities and domestic cooperative hospitals, including Hanyang University's ERICA Campus and Hanyang Institute for Precision Therapeutics(HY-IPT), for research and clinical research on cell therapy.

In addition, the introduction of an automatic cell culture system greatly reduces labor costs and production costs, so it is expected to contribute to the realization of mass production and popularization of NK cell therapy by reducing treatment prices.