NKCL Bio Group Inc. won the ‘2022 TV Chosun Management Grand Awards’ in two categories

2022.11.28 15:26 조회 545

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NKCL Bio Group Inc. announced on the 25th that it had won awards in two categories, the Technology Innovation Division and the Innovation Division of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, at the ‘9th 2022 TV Chosun Management Grand Awards’.


It is an awards ceremony hosted by TV Chosun and sponsored by a total of 10 sponsors, including the Ministry of Science and ICT, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, the Ministry of Employment and Labor, the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, and the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. This award is given to companies, institutions, and individuals who create new values and present new standards through creative management innovation and bold challenges in the new normal era such as the 4th industrial revolution and post-Covid-19.


TV Chosun explained the reason for the selection and said, "NKCL Bio Group has been highly evaluated for its contribution to corporate social responsibility, improving corporate management and increasing productivity through the development of new technologies and the development of technologies in use."


NKCL Bio Group is a bio-specialized company that researches and develops NK cell treatment, a next-generation anti-cancer treatment using Natural Killer Cell (NK Cell), which is in charge of the most important immune system in our body. NKCL Bio Group was recognized for its excellent technology in the field of cell culture by the Tech Credit Bureau of NICE Evaluation Information.


NK cells are natural killer cells that recognize and attack cancer cells and abnormal cells. NKCL is leading the technology and market in the NK cell field by developing a GMP automatic culture system that enables mass production of NK cell culture.


NKCL Bio Group actively responds to the rapidly changing era, attracting attention as a representative of Korea's immune brand More than 300% of jobs were created compared to the previous year through the expansion of production facilities for the GMP automatic culture system in 2022, also more than 1,000% of jobs are expected to be created in 2023.


In addition, NKCL Bio Group is building and operating an immune care platform for 1:1 customized immune cell therapy through the GMP automatic culture system based on its excellent technology.


In response, Chairman Shin, Donghwa announced that NKCL Bio Group, which launched a flare in the popularization of NK immune cells, plans to accelerate the NK immune cell culture business by developing and establishing an automatic culture system that combines artificial intelligence and cell culture technology. He said, “In the automatic cell culture system, artificial intelligence can determine the optimal culture environment for each individual by combining expert data and know-how with artificial intelligence. In addition, it has the advantage of being able to fundamentally block concerns about human error and technology leakage.”


Meanwhile, at the ‘2022 TV Chosun Management Grand Awards’ ceremony, which celebrated its 9th this year, Song, Hoseop, CEO of Starbucks Korea (Job Creation Management Division), and Genesis BBQ Group Chairman Yoon, Honggeun (Global Management Awards Division) were named. Newly awarded in 2022, Hankuk Paper CEO Ahn, Jaeho (ESG Management Award) and NKCL Bio Group Chairman Shin, Donghwa (Technical Innovation, Innovation) were included.