NKCL Bio Group signed the MOA for Vietnamese market entry with Eco Smart Global

2022.11.10 11:07 조회 496


On the 9th, NKCL Bio Group announced that it had signed a business agreement in Vietnam with Eco smart global, which has a business infrastructure in Vietnam, in order to enter the Vietnamese market in earnest.

Eco Smart Global is a Korean company specializing in distribution channels that conducts various business activities in various industries in Korea and Vietnam. It is a company that is rapidly preparing for new trends, such as entering the Vietnamese blockchain business by introducing real coin virtual assets by linking new businesses with existing businesses recently.

While mainly conducting Vietnam-related projects, it is also working hard on overseas projects by establishing cooperative relationships with international business partners such as Vietnam, China, the United States, Russia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, and South Africa.

This MOA is to combine NKCL's excellent technology recognized in the NK cell (Natural killer cell, NK cell) field, such as the recent completion of Pre clinical trials for anticancer drugs, with Eco Smart Global's local business experience and capabilities in Vietnam. The purpose is to create business opportunities for various licensing, distribution channel discovery, network business, etc. for distributing NKCL's bio products and personalized immune care service in Vietnam, and to improve mutual benefits.
The two companies will promote the establishment of a joint venture in Vietnam, seek cooperation in areas such as an automatic NK cell culture platform based on NKCL's original technology, immune checkup, immunotherapy, immune care, and anti-aging program, and promote market creation. 

According to the Infectious Diseases website released by the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on the 7th, the number of overseas inflows of legal infectious diseases transmitted by mosquitoes such as dengue fever, chikungunya and Zika virus has increased side by side in Vietnam this year.

In particular, as there is currently no vaccine or treatment for dengue fever, the importance of managing and enhancing immunity is the most important.

An official from NKCL said, “We will play a pivotal role in Vietnam’s distribution through responsible business promotion with Eco Smart Global. Based on mutual trust, we will faithfully implement the agreement and will spare not spare efforts in providing technical support and cooperation.”

Meanwhile, NKCL Bio Group is leading the clinical trials of next-generation anticancer drugs for cancer patients by researching and developing NK cell therapies to improve and treat the quality of life of cancer patients. He argued that the GMP automatic culture system incorporating AI technology would reduce the burden on cancer patients in terms of procedures and costs.

Currently, in the bio sector in the Vietnamese market, Korea's leading pharmaceutical companies such as Hanmi Pharmaceutical and Yuhan Corporation have also received FDA approval for anticancer drug development or are in the process of approval.