NKCLBIO Group Announces ‘Blockchain Application Model in Bio Industry’ at Blockchain Week in Busan (BWB 2022)

2022.10.25 18:07 조회 121


NKCLC of NKCL Bio Group Inc. and Encle Foundation announced that they would participate in Blockchain Week in Busan (BWB 2022).

BWB 2022 is a blockchain-specialized event held in Busan following last year’s ‘NFT Busan 2021’ and will be held for three days from October 27 (Thu) to 29 (Sat) at BEXCO in Haeundae-gu, Busan.

BWB 2022 consists of NFT industry, B2B, B2C conferences, and exhibition fairs. 
This event is a place to provide conferences, insights and information sharing for the development of the blockchain industry under the theme of "Blockchain, Cities, and Culture".

Hosted by Busan City and the Busan Blockchain Industry Association, BWB 2022 is the largest blockchain-related event in Korea where large exchanges such as Binance, FTX, and Huobi directly operate booths and participate in the exhibition. Large-scale meet-ups and conferences of major global projects have been prepared.

At BWB 2022, not only domestic blockchain companies, but also representatives of the global blockchain industry from the US, Switzerland, Dubai, and Singapore will gather to discuss the present and future of blockchain business.

In addition, NKCL Bio Group CEO Youn JeeHyoun will participate as a speaker at this conference with the theme of "Application model of blockchain in the bio industry".

Korea's bio industry, recently called the K-bio, boasts competitiveness in the global market. 
NKCL Bio Group announced that it will be a place to share experiences from the perspective of ownership of running a bio company about how to introduce and utilize blockchain technology in the field of NK cell culture technology and cell therapy development, and in the process of building a personalized immune care platform.

NKCL Bio-Blockchain is a system that aims to build a “trust platform for safe data management and ecosystem creation” based on blockchain.

It records and operates the culture history, system use history, patient personal information, and clinical results using the NK immune cell automatic culture system on the blockchain to secure the reliability of bio data and store the secured bio/medical data on the private block chain. It can create a virtuous cycle by providing dynamic and immediate rewards to customers who provide data through a medical big data trading platform, and medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies can use the biodata to provide customized patient care.

In addition, it has the scalability that anyone can freely make and implement payment and commerce using tokens based on the blockchain at various consumer contact points with the theme of immunity, such as immune-specialized shopping malls and medical institutions.

NKCL Bio Group will also discover partnerships in new aspects for NKCL's entry into the global market by introducing a blockchain introduction model in the field of NK cell (Natural killer cell) culture technology and cell therapy at a gathering of major blockchain-related representatives from around the world. 

In addition, the Encl Foundation is preparing various events and marketing for additional listing by meeting with many global blockchain users through exhibition booths and Meet Up for the IR.

Meanwhile, this exhibition will also be attended by other speakers including Changpeng Zhao, ‘Binance CEO’, Sam Bankman Fried ‘FTX CEO’ and Huo Zhu, ‘Huobi Global CEO’ as speakers.