NKCL Bio Group Inc. "Focused on developing therapeutics based on NK immune cells... Expanding the global market"

2022.08.30 20:02 조회 167


1. Brief introduction of your company and current status please.

Hello. This is Shin, Dong-Hwa, the CEO and Chairman of NKCL Bio Group Inc.


NKCL Bio Group Inc.(NKCL Bio Group) is a bio-specialized company that researches and develops NK cell culture technology based on its cell culture technology. NK cells are known as natural killer cells that play a pivotal role in the body's immune system. Recently, we have established an automated NK cell culture system and aim to develop NK cell therapeutics using NK immune cells.


NKCL Bio Group Inc. has set the 'Personalized Immune Care Platform' service using NK cell culture technology as the ultimate business goal, and has been developing various products to enhance immunity in daily life and graft immune care to the existing medical system for the past 10 years. Furthermore, we are establishing a R&D system for Contract Development and Manufacturing Company (CDMO), which is spotlighted as a future business.


Under the theme of immunity, NKCL Bio Group Inc. is concentrating its efforts gradually on expanding global market by signing business partnerships not only in Korea but also overseas.


Recently, preclinical trial for RK-NKTM cell therapy has been completed, taking a step forward in our immune care business.


For the RK-NKTM cell therapy clinical trial, human-derived breast cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, and kidney cancer cell lines transplanted into nude mice. Repeated toxicity and recovery tests were conducted for 6 weeks at the agency, clinical trial certified by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. As a result, it is confirmed that NK immune cells activated by culturing with the RK-NKTM Kit are safe without toxicity. It has also proven its potential to be a treatment that can effectively control cancer cells.


NK immune cells activated by RK-NKTM are autologous immune cells that have few side effects and no resistance to the human body, and we are very convinced that they will be recognized for higher anticancer effects and stability than chemical anticancer drugs, Cisplatin in breast cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, and kidney cancer.



2. For the past 10 years, your company have secured NK cell culture technology and have been researching and developing NK cell therapeutics for next-generation anticancer treatment. Does NKCL have any technology and achievement?

The main competitiveness of NKCL Bio Group is the GMP based NK cell Automatic Culture System that incorporates AI technology in the culture process. The automatic culture system finds the optimal culture environment for NK cell culture by itself, replacing the existing high-level manpower and improving production efficiency by more than 100 times.


NKCL Bio Group expands production facilities for NK cell therapy products based on a state-of-the-art automated culture center that is currently undergoing the GMP certification process. In the future, in order to have a global level of manufacturing facilities, we are increasing the technological achievement through patent applications related to NK cells. At the same time, we are building a cooperative system to penetrate into the cell immunotherapy market of countries wishing to be introduced of NK cells.


As mentioned earlier, NKCL has been recognized for its high anticancer effect and stability through preclinical studies with RK-NKTM cell therapy.

NKCL's RK-NKTM autologous immunotherapy can obtain 10 to 40 billion activated autologous immune cells using the RK-NKTM Kit, even in the case of immune cells from cancer patients in their late stage, and activate and proliferate with the RK-NKTM Kit. NK immune cells have the characteristic of showing high cancer cell killing activity of at least 30% to maximum 98%.


NKCL Bio Group will continue to strive to develop NK cell therapeutics and play a leading role, and we will do our best to become a world-class company.



3. To popularize NK cell immunotherapy, youve expanded the automated culture facilities and systems incorporating artificial intelligence. What is the explanation of NK immune cell therapy and the plan for popularization?

NK cells, which are responsible for the most important immune system in maintaining the body's health balance, have the ability to detect and directly kill abnormal cells without specific antigens, and regulate immune responses and inflammatory responses.

Immunotherapy using NK cells is attracting attention as a next-generation anti-cancer therapy with targeted treatment capabilities for cancer cells. Accordingly, by applying NKCL's unique cell culture technology, we are developing a therapeutics that significantly increases the anticancer effect by increasing the proliferative power of NK cells by more than 100 times and enhancing the existing NK cell activity.


The existing production method of NK immune cell therapy relied on highly specialized researchers for the entire process of culture, so there were barriers to entry due to high prices and reduced production efficiency. On the other hand, NKCL's AI-introduced automated culture system is currently undergoing GMP certification, and expected to increase productivity by more than 100 times compared to the existing manual production method, dramatically lowering the expensive immune cell treatment cost and realizing popularization.


Meanwhile, NKCL has established a close cooperation system with Hanyang University and domestic partner hospitals for R&D and clinical research of NK cell therapy, and is preparing for a biopharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing (CDMO) business to enter the cell therapy market in the future.



4. NKCL expands offline distribution channels such as road shops and shop-in-shops. What is the reaction to the distributor or agency? Also, I am curious about the current status and expansion plans of online channels.

NKCL is developing various products and services based on independently developed NK cell culture technology and microbiome technology.

In the case of immunity products, individual immunity checkups and consulting services can be included. We have established regional centers to promote, experience, and purchase our products and services.

In the case of immune care services based on NK cell culture technology, we are providing services centered on cooperative medical centers in regional bases so that immune care services can be added to the existing medical system.

In the future, we plan to provide the 'personalized immune care platform' services, centered on the NK Immune Center (treatment center, examination center).



5. Description of the Personalized Immune Care Platform

The core of the NKCL business stands for immune care, and based on the different immune environments for each individual, we are developing a platform service to systematically provide research, production, and services in order to provide customized immune care services for each individual.

In addition, the immune care platform plans to apply various products and services, including immune food and immune water, as well as skin immunity, to strengthen individual immunity in a healthy daily life at a pre-treatment stage.



6. How do you expect the future marketability?

Cancer, a representative intractable disease, continues to increase in the number of patients due to population growth, aging, and environmental changes, despite the development of new drugs and advances in medical technology.

Accordingly, the NK cell immunotherapy market is expected to continue to grow among next-generation immuno-oncology drugs.



7. How do customers rate it?

NKCL has accumulated various awards over the years. It boasts splendid awards such as..

NK Immune Water Grand Prize at 'The best brand chosen by consumers in 2021' hosted by Chosun Ilbo

Grand prize for NK cell therapy for ‘2022 national consumer-oriented brand’ hosted by Dong-A Ilbo

Grand Prize for NK Cell Therapy for ‘Quality Satisfaction Selected by Consumers in 2022’ hosted by Digital Chosun Ilbo

Grand Prize at NK Immune Water, 'the most recommended brand by customers in 2022' hosted by the JoongAng Ilbo.

NKCL Bio Group Inc. was certified as a ‘T-4 grade’ as an excellent technology company in Nice Evaluation Information.

Based on the results of this RK-NKTM clinical trial, it is expected that it will be able to receive a higher score in the valuation rating as a better technology company.



8. What are your future visions and goals?

After Corona 19, the bio industry is receiving lots of attention and is raising its status. Accordingly, NKCL accelerated the establishment of the R&D and production process for NK cell therapy with an emphasis on immune care, which will become a key keyword in the future bio industry, and plan to establish a global one-stop cooperative model for licensing, distribution channel, and network business for overseas expansion such as the Philippines, Japan, and China.

In addition, we are doing our best so that the certification process of the automated culture center designed to meet the global GMP standards can be completed as soon as possible.